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Coming Soon March 2022

Rest, Restore and Explore South Florida

Intro to Breath Work and Meditation Workshop 

Do you lead a stressful life?  Do you work in a high stress job, so much so that you find it hard to breathe?  Intro to Breath Work and Meditation will teach you basic breathing exercises (pranayama) and guide you through different types of meditation to help ease stress and anxiety.  This two hour workshop will begin leading you through several breathing techniques like Ujjayi, Deerga Swasam, Nadi Shodhana and Kumbhaka.  Then you will learn several meditation techniques like Japa, Chakra, Trataka and more.  You will leave with a breath and meditation toolkit to help you navigate through stressful situations and breathe with ease. Wear comfortable clothes, bring reusable bottle water and journal.  

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