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She revealed herself to me on the subway….the last place I thought I would find a mermaid.

My Story

Chelsea ‘Winking Mermaid’ Brand E-RYT 500 is an international yoga teacher and retreat leader.  She is a Yoga Alliance Certified Education Provider (YACEP) and has been teaching yoga since 2010. In addition to leading classes, workshops, teacher trainings and retreats, she is a Reiki Master and Functional Medicine Health Coach. Chelsea has a playful yet devoted passion for helping and healing others through natural remedies, movement and breath.

Chelsea has a B.S. in Human and Consumer Science and Business from Ohio University and in her former life she was a retail buyer for 15 years.  After attending a weekend yoga retreat she left feeling empowered and knew she could be doing more.  Her desire to help others feel their best and discover how to navigate this path themselves quickly became illuminated as her life's calling.

In 2010 Chelsea began teacher training and emerged completely transformed.  Her eyes were opened to living yoga, Ayurveda and embodying the flow. Chelsea was certified in 200hr RYT Prana Flow Yoga® and began teaching in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.  Two years later, Chelsea began her 300hr in New York City and was certified in Prema Vinyasa Therapeutic Yoga.


Early in 2015, Chelsea was introduced to the healing properties of essential oils. With the same intensity she held for yoga, Chelsea embraced the essential oil lifestyle; incorporating the health and wellness benefits of the oils into her yoga teachings. Chelsea’s dharma was finally coming to light as she began teaching yoga full time in Dayton, Ohio.


Chelsea has always been drawn to the beach and warmer weather.  On vacation in 2017 she met the love of her life.  Following her heart, she moved to Florida and currently teaches a variety of  yoga classes and meditation. She offers Reiki Healing sessions and Functional Medicine Health Coaching upon request.  She is now happily married to her favorite half and shares the lives of three amazing step children and fur baby. 


Chelsea believes that playfulness is mandatory to maintain one’s sanity. Her mantra is Play Everyday.  She teaches both ends of the spectrum with her Prana Flow® style that transcends fluidity and grace to the meditative realm of restorative and yin yoga.  As a Functional Medicine Health Coach she weaves the teachings of a healthy lifestyle into her yoga classes and Reiki Healing sessions.  The Winking Mermaid Brand brings together a brave space for play and compassion to coexist.  When effort and grace collide, beauty is born.  Life.  Live it.  Love it...


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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